Mumm Napa – Rutherford, CA

Years ago, the Seagram Classics Wine Company joined with the venerable French champagne house Mumm to produce a California cuvée. For their site, they selected a beautiful 73 acre parcel on Napa Valley’s picturesque Silverado Trail.

From the outset, the design challenge from the client was clear: they wanted something understated, that drew from the region’s agricultural heritage, and a building that would stand the test of a very long time. Bob Arrigoni and Richard Beard  designed buildings set into the base of an existing knoll that takes advantage of the ambient temperature of the earth for natural cooling and insulation, and reduces the visual impact of the buildings from the Silverado Trail. Now, decades later, the complex continues to purvey the quiet, secure quality of its architecture as a reflection of the quality and heritage of the product.

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This project was executed by Richard Beard while he was a principal or senior vice-president at BAR Architects (Backen, Arrigoni and Ross).