Dolores Heights – San Francisco, CA

“On a slender hillside lot... a Spanish-inspired house whose lush terraces and gracious rooms offer respite from urban bustle.”—Patricia Leigh Brown, Architectural Digest

While some aspects about this property were typical for San Francisco (25 foot street width, 110 foot depth) a few more are quite unique. The ground along the hillside drops away dramatically leaving nothing to impede the sweeping view. 

Perhaps most importantly, our client had been an antiques dealer in San Francisco for some years, and like any good collector had assembled a collection of his own favorite objects, art, decorative arts, antiques, and architectural elements that he wanted to be able to incorporate in his home—not as a museum, but as a living and working residence, designed in a way to take advantage of the beauty of the objects without upstaging them.

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This project was executed by Richard Beard while he was a principal or senior vice-president at BAR Architects (Backen, Arrigoni and Ross).