Cole Guest House – Calistoga, CA

This is the original house on a 45-acre ranch that became known as “La Perlita del Monte”.  Built in 1879, the plan was a simple rectangle, with a loft and bell tower to call ranch hands to lunch.  The Cole family gradually expanded the ranch to include orchards, poultry, and cattle.  The house eventually became the office and tasting room for the winery now located on site.

Richard Beard Architects and Nicholas Vincent Design removed all the later additions and returned the building to its original form and shape following national historic preservation guidelines.  The construction involved carefully refurbishing the original siding, windows, and bell tower. On the interior, the design team returned the space to its original open volume with a loft over the entry. The original wood cladding thought the interior was preserved and the warm exposed structure at the ceiling mimics the original materials used throughout. The main living space has a dining table and a seating group oriented to the stunning views of the valley beyond.

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This project was executed by Richard Beard while he was a principal or senior vice-president at BAR Architects (Backen, Arrigoni and Ross).